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Claudia M. Johnson MD


The founder of Future-Doc Enterprise is Claudia Johnson MD, a practicing gastroenterologist/internist, who has been teaching foreign-trained Caribbean schools and US trained medical students for over 20 years. She is on several hospital staffs in Chicago and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also degreed in medical journalism for print and broadcast. 

She is the founder and director of Claude Mandel Medical Center in Chicago. Her practice is varied and includes not only private practice but also her gastroenterology position in a public hospital - - - Provident Hospital of Cook County and its allied clinic known as Sengstacke Ambulatory Care Center. In the past, she has served as Gastroenterology consultant for Scotts Air Force Base in Belleville Illinois. In addition she is the Principal investigator for clinical trials in the areas of internal medicine and gastroenterology.

She has broad based experience in public health and prevention and has written and conducted grants in these areas.

She also serves as the gastroenterology Consultant for the State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services under the direction of the Office of Inspector General.


VAUN MONROE serves as Future-Doc consultant for training the standardized patients. He is currently a tenure track assistant professor at Columbia College in film studies, screenwriting and directing.  He is also director at the ETA Creative Arts Theater.  Vaun received his Masters in Fine Arts from Temple University and won a fellowship for his work.  He also had a three-year teaching fellowship at Ithaca College. 

EMMA YOUNG serves as Future-Doc writer for personal statements and CVs.  She is a screenwriter, TV script writer and author, as well as an experienced advertising creative director/copywriter.  She has written and produced award-winning radio and TV commercials for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, including McDonald's Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble Stoh Brewery to name a few.  She is currently the Executive Director for a National Screenwriter's Association.

INGRID WALLACE is a nationally acclaimed and extremely dynamic speaker who coaches physicians in communication skills and diversity for Future-Doc Enterprise.  She has addressed audiences nationwide with her own unique brand of leadership, motivation, and consultation.  Ingrid has designed and implemented programs based in principles of inclusion for the Department of Surgery at Stroger Hospital and for many Fortune 500 corporations.  Many of these skills can be applied to assessing difficult patients.

OUR TEAM also includes: actors as standardized patients,  patients, image coaches, psychologists, internists, editors and writers and ACCENT REDUCTION Specialists.

Our represented medical specialties are:
Internal medicine
Occupational Medicine
Family Practice
Emergency Medicine