FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does my externship fee pay for:-
 The best clinical experience with hospital LORs AND
  •      FREE medical malpractice 
  •      FREE Housing Placement Assistance - Future-Doc personally knows all the landlords at home-stay sites
  •      FREE CV Review and Advice
  •      FREE health insurance -- ONLY OFFERED BY FUTURE-DOC
  •      FREE Career Counseling - ONLY OFFERED BY FUTURE-DOC
  •      FREE - *HIPAA Certification by official authorities ONLY OFFERED BY FUTURE-DOC
  •      Transportation at LOW COST - Future-Doc pays part of your tab ONLY OFFERED BY FUTURE-DOC
  •      Pre-hospital orientation:  what you need to go before you enter the hospital
  •      Grand Rounds at 1 or more University hospitals
2.  How do I start the process?
  • Apply by sending your preferred selections (specialties) for your clinical experience send your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice along with your required documentation :- "To be scanned and sent by email"
    • Complete the Application form
    • Resume  or " CV"
    • ID Photo "Passport"
    • Proof of Graduation "ECFMG verification - one of your USMLE exam results or Medical Degree or transcripts".
    • Laboratory tests preferred to be done upon arrival. Some hospitals required lab tests to be done in the states, our physicians will write you the requisition for lab testing with no extra fees, but you need to pay for you lab test.
    • Your application will be reviewed. You will receive an offer or acceptance if space is still available. Within 10 days of receiving the acceptance,  you must send $200 to ensure your placement or it may not be secured.  This $200 will be deducted from you total bill
    • When all above requirements are met, we will send you more detailed information about your specific rotation
3.  Do I get HANDS-ON Experience?  YES. And this is what it means:
    • You take the complete history
    • You examine the patient
    • You assess and write the differential
    • You write in the Electronic Medical Record 
    • You help handle medical emergencies
Everything is validated and checked by the attending.  You are guided and taught through the process, but you are part of the process.

You are in the hospital legally,  You never have to sneak through the back door. Our FMG exterms are welcomed by all the places we send them.

ALL LOR's on hospital stationary.  No two LOR's are alike.  Your LOR will be about YOU and show what you are capable of.