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You can also come in person to register on Tuesday and Wednesday 10AM-5PM at:

    Future-Doc Enterprise
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Externships usually begin the first week of every month (although we have made exceptions).

Once we have reviewed and accepted your credentials, we will send you an offer letter, payment information and other pertinent details.

We will then require a $150 security deposit to reserve your space.  If you take the services that you requested, the $150 credit is applied towards your total fee.   This fee is non-refundable if you do not take the externship.  This covers our administrative fees.

You will then be billed. All reservations are contingent upon payment in full. Payment is expected upon receipt of the bill.

The experience is varied depending on the particular rotation that you are seeking. We have IM, GI, Ob-Gyne, Peds, Cardiology. Emergency Med, Occupational Med, Family Practice, and much more.

Some hospitals require additional medical insurance and / or malpractice insurance.  We will inform you of the fees.  These are paid to outside agencies.  We are sometimes able to get these waived or at very reduced prices for you.  Each may be around $100/month if you have to pay.