Step 2 CS Live Prep

2013 January, February, March results are in --100% PASS- RATE !!

With over 40 years of combined experience treating patients in the community, we know what patients are looking for in a good doctor. The answer is YOU. But first you have to pass the CS exam.

Intense and focused sessions in English proficiency and communication. We use the new exam format that simulates actual CS exam format. Competitively Priced: Get the most for your money and for your time.

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3-PLUS-2 (5 Days)

$2350 - Wednesday through Sunday

The 5-day course includes special lectures that you don’t want to miss! The most innovative lecture series ever featuring speech consultants, image consultants, guest speakers from admissions offices and residency programs.

30 SPs (standard patients)
* will also include some actual patients
  • Recorded interaction with SP
  • Lecture on various diagnostic tests
  • Physical exam review
  • SOAP notes
  • Electronic medical records
  • Actual simulated test
  • Group encounter and test
  • Short-cuts to the patient interview
  • Discounted interview for personal statement
SP cases with strong emphasis on gastroenterology, cardiology, etc.   
  • One-on-One review of two of your mock patient encounters
  • Accent Reduction
  • Communication Skills for medical professionals
  • Medical Presentation

3-PLUS-1 (4 Days) 

$1800 (Thursday through Sunday)
  • 3 days of Mock exam (2 mini mock "6 SP's each") + 12 SP's encounter on complete Mock exam.
  • 24 or more Full one to one SP's encounter (only one student with the SP at the time).
  • Mock exam for day 4 with discussion and written critique.

Future-Doc introduces "The Platinum Package"
1 Month Hands-on Externship in Chicago + Step 2 CS
Live Review (3-PLUS class) really a 4-day 2 CS review + a hospital LOR. All for 2600$ .

(Valued at 3500$). Our 3 PLUS CS course has a minimum of 24 SP encounters all one-one .

1-Day Course

$ 800
  • Cases presented by 6 SP's
  • Detailed discussion of the answers.
  • learn how to think like the people who make the test and what the SP's need to see hear and feel in order for you to pass .